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  • Possible – major downgraded situation

    Valve open/close discrepancy

    Valve hard to operate

    Actuator Internal Parts Damage

    Recommended ESDV closer time discrepancy

    Disc & seat damage

    Stem bearing, gland packing damage

  • Risk rating comments

    HIPPS / IPPS operation , failure

    Overflow and / overpressure of the vessel

    Over pressure of, the pipeline

    ESD 1 activation

    Loss of Production

    Liquid/gas leak from valve

  • Practical applications

    Permit to work follow up

    Process isolation and valve de-isolation

    Valve re-condition and actuator calibration

    Pressure test & actuator stroke test

    Transmitter test & HIPPS test

    ESDV Integrity & Functional test


    Identify the problem

    Describe the problem

    Analyse the causes

    Find the solutions

    Implement the solutions

    Evaluate the solutions